Tuesday, 21 April 2009

My first ever blog!!

Wooohoooo, well here goes, my first ever blog!

I'll just give a quick explanation of how I got here. I've been creating my own jewellery for about 8 years and have dabbled in lots of other crafts along the way too. Approximately a year ago while surfing the internet I found some pictures of lampwork beads. They were fantastic and I soon found out these could be made at home!

I went to the 'Flame Off' at Towcester Race Course and my lovely hubby bought me the complete set up I needed to start creating my own lampwork beads. Since then I have been addicted! It is a fantastic hobby to have and I thoroughly enjoy creating the beads and making them into jewellery.

I'll be posting on here as frequently as I can to keep updated with all new beads and jewellery I'm making, so keep checking back!

Thanks for looking in!